As a native Kentuckian and horse racing enthusiast, it's in my blood. It started with my great uncle Jake Heupel, a successful jockey in his era. He rode in three Kentucky Derby's, finishing 2nd in 1925. Jake laid the foundation for our family's love of the sport, and just like many people in Kentucky, the racing industry became a way of life.

As the"Horse Capital of the World," Kentucky has a strong connection to the history and culture of horse racing, and plays a central role in connecting the industry globally through breeding, racing, and sales. Stabled in Lexington, Bluegrass Brothers recognizes the significance of the industry and wants to share our passion and enthusiasm with you. Our heritage is unparalleled, and we invite you to come and see it for yourself. 

Bluegrass Brothers embodies the essence of Kentucky. The term "brothers" signifies the capacity to form unbreakable connections based on the principles that are ingrained in our culture. By standing together, we are brothers, united by these shared values and the robust bonds they forge.

The mission of Bluegrass Brothers is to pay tribute to our heritage and embrace the future through a contemporary lifestyle brand that embodies the authenticity of our Kentucky roots. Our brand pays homage to past champions, recognizing the greatness that has come before us and setting a high standard for future stars.

 We are all“Rooted in Greatness.” -Alex Volpenhein


Jake Heupel

At 19 years old, uncle Jake ran away from his Kentucky home to began a professional jockey career in Cuba. His first professional wins were recorded at Oriental Park Racetrack, Marianao, Havana Cuba, in 1917.

The Inspiration Behind Our Logo

Jockey silks are an iconic part of horse racing, with each one being unique and representing the owner or ownership group of the horse. In our case, the silks represent the Bluegrass Brothers brand. As a brand that is closely connected to the racing industry, we decided to create our own jockey silk. Our goal is create an unmatched experience for our customers. One you feel like a member of when you support the Bluegrass Brothers brand. As a supportive customer, you will have the opportunity to be involved in the racing industry and follow the journey of our world-class thoroughbreds. By being a part of our racing team, you can learn and support these horses as they compete.It's a way of supporting an industry that supports us.